David-Alexandre Trégouët, PhD, Speaker

David-Alexandre Trégouët, PhD, Speaker


Holder of a PhD in Public Health (1999), with strong emphasis on statistical genetics, my research

career started with the development of statistical methods to analyze family data as well as genetic

polymorphisms in the context of candidate association studies. I then turned to the development

and the application of statistical/bioinformatics tools for the analysis of high-throughout

microarray and next generation sequencing data. In parallel to these methodological developments,

I am participating in the design and data analysis of several epidemiological studies aiming at

identifying molecular determinants of rare and common cardiometabolic and vascular diseases.

In the last years, my interests have extended to molecular epidemiology integrating epigenetics

marks, microRNA and proteomic profiling in order to develop a research program on precision

medicine in thrombotic disorders as well as on the identification and characterization of upstream

Open Reading Frames contributing to rare and common forms of cardiovascular diseases