Cure HHT Travel Awards

Congratulations to all 38 of the selected Young Scholar Travel Award Winners!

Cure HHT will be granting Young Scholar Travel Awards for abstract oral presenters to attend the 14th HHT International Scientific Conference. Awardees were selected based upon their abstract score and award recipients were announced  on July 29th, 2022. Award recipients will receive $1,000.00 (US) upon arrival at the conference to apply toward their registration, travel, and hotel costs.

Alexandra Kilian (Canada)

Anna J Gong (United States)

Anna Sbalchiero (Italy)

Anne Lørup Lyster (Denmark)

Anthony Anzell (United States)

Anthony Cannavicci (Canada)

Antonio De Jesus Moreno (United States)

Benjamin Tarulli (Canada)

Blanca Ayuso Íñigo (Spain)

Christopher Tarulli (Canada)

Claudia Alarcón Torrecillas (Spain)

Claudia Cantarini (Italy)

Ekaterina Pylaeva (Germany)

Erika Nicole Dreikorn (United States)

Eugenia Maiorano (Italy)

Faaizah Chishty (United States)

Gabriella C Scott (Canada)

Inés Solano (Spain)

Jérémy Thalgott (Netherlands)

Jesus M. Melendez Montañez (Puerto Rico)

Joel Agarwal (United States)

Joo Jung (United States)

Jose Luis Rocamora Navarro (Spain)

Joseph Gaines (United States)

Laura Silva Sousa (Spain)

Lauren Beslow (United States)

Lea Scherschinski (United States)

Mariana Petraglia (Argentina)

Mason Lai (United States)

Mordechai Pollak (Israel)

Pau Cerdà Serra (Spain)

Raquel Torres Iglesias (Spain)

Sophie Goldman (United States)

Tala Al Tabosh (France)

Troy Sanders (United States)

Varun Singh (United States)

Vineetha Mathew (United States)

Yu Zhi (Nathan) Li (Canada)