AIRPORT – Humberto Delgado Airport (LIS)

Officially Humberto Delgado Airport, informally Lisbon Airport and formally Portela Airport, is an international airport located 7 km northeast from the city centre of Lisbon, the capital of Portugal and is approximately 31 km (22 minutes) from Hotel Cascais Miragem Health & Spa. At the airport you have the option of Taxi, Uber, Bus and Train, or Car Rental. You can learn more about these options on the airport website.

TRANSPORTATION FROM Humberto Delgado Airport (LIS)

GROUP TRANSPORTATION – If you are traveling with someone else, it may be less expensive to take a TAXI or Uber from the airport to the Hotel Cascais Miragem Health & Spa.

TAXI – The costs vary depending on traffic about €40-70 one-way, however, this rate includes up to four (4) passengers. The official airport taxis can be found lined up just outside of terminal 1. Use the free shuttle bus if you land on terminal 2.

UBER  – Uber can pick up and drop off at the Lisbon Airport. Be sure to check where the pick up point is on the Uber app. Uber may have higher fares based on traffic and demand. Pricing is about the same as a taxi. It is recommended that you check the Uber App before you need a transfer if this is your preferred method of transportation. This option does have UberX and UberXL making it another good option for group transportation.

Ubers and Taxis are available in the Cascais area as well.

HOTEL TRANSPORTATION – There is an option to add on airport transfer to and from the hotel for €73.50 each way per reservation.


This add on only holds the spot, payment will be made directly with the driver via credit card or cash. If you wish to have it charged to the room it is €84 with service fees. An airport transfer back can be made with a minimum 48 hour notice as well for €73.50.

INDIVIDUAL TRANSPORTATION – If you are traveling alone or with one other person it may be less expensive to take the bus and train, but this does take longer. Taxi and Uber are still great options for individuals.

Bus and Train to Cascais  – In order to catch the CP urban trains that travel from Lisbon to Cascais, first you will have to get from the airport to Cais do Sodre train station which is located in the downtown area of Lisbon. The Aerobus Line 1 operates the route from the airport to the train station every 20 minutes and the travel time is around 45 minutes. The urban trains that head to Cascais depart every 15-20 minutes and the journey takes approximately 40 minutes. The aerobus costs €4 for adults and €2 for children for a one-way ticket. Tickets can be purchases at the airport ticket counters, online, or straight from the driver.

The bus-stops of the Aerobuses are located just outside of the arrivals hall of each terminal.

Once you arrive at Cais do Sodre train station, buy your tickets at a kiosk to Cascais and check the information screens in order to see from which platform your train departs. A one-way ticket costs €2.20. You will get off at the Cascais stop. It is then a 6 minute walk from the train station to Hotel Cascais Miragem Health & Spa. You can track your journey using the public transportation option on apple maps, google maps, etc. These options give step by step directions from bus to train to the hotel.


Car Rentals are available at Lisbon Airport. For information about car rental availability and fees, go to the airport website.

United States Drivers Licenses are accepted in Portugal as long as you are not a resident and not staying longer than 185 days. Driving in Portugal is generally easy with gorgeous scenery. Toll roads are very common as well.