Bridging the gap between industry and HHT treatment

Where industry and HHT treatment meet. 2017 is Cure HHT’s Year of Possibilities. What better way to discover new treatment devices, targeted drug therapies, genetic diagnostics then by collaborating with global opinion leaders who specialize in HHT. The possibilities are limitless and they start with you!

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A special thanks to our sponsors for helping to bridge the gap.


Conference Host

Welcome to the 12th HHT International Scientific Conference. Cure HHT is excited to host this critically important event. We are grateful for the dedicated and internationally renowned HHT community of clinicians and scientists that share our mission to engage the scientific and medical community, collaborate with multidisciplinary HHT Centers worldwide and educate our community of patients, physicians, academic institutions, professional associations and corporate partners about this disease so that 1.4 million people worldwide affected by HHT are empowered to live a normal life. Visit www.curehht.org



Actelion Pharmaceuticals Ltd is a biopharmaceutical company that focuses on the development and commercialization of innovative treatments. Actelion specializes in orphan diseases and are the leaders in PAH therapy.  With a culture that fosters innovation, science, and care for patients, Actelion’s discoveries bring profound value to society and satisfy unmet medical needs.  Learn more at www.actelion.com.




Recursion Pharmaceuticals is a drug discovery company combining experimental biology with artificial intelligence and bioinformatics to discover new therapeutic opportunities for rare genetic diseases or any disease that can be modeled in cells. Founded in 2013, Recursion is making strides towards the ambitious goal of treating 100 diseases in 10 years. Learn more at www.recursionpharma.com/.