Session 9: New Perspectives in HHT

10 Jun 2017
10:05 am – 12:05 pm
Soderini Ballroom II, III

Session 9: New Perspectives in HHT

Oral Presentations 

10:05am – 10:20am

VASCERN HHT priority evaluations 2016-2017  (European Reference Network on Rare Multisystemic Vascular Diseases)

Shovlin CL, Botella L, Geisthoff U, Kjeldsen A, Mage JJ, Pagella F, Sabbà C, Buscarini E, Dupuis Girod S on behalf of the VASCERN-HHT Working Group


10:20am – 10:35am

Narratives describing the impact of living with HHT: a qualitative study

Bogwitz M, Taylor J, Sexton A, Gargan B, Winship I


10:35am – 10:50am

Assessment of an age-related threshold of nasal, oral and cutaneous telangiectasia number for diagnosis of hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia: HHT Paris Center experience in 832 genotyped HHT patients.

El Hajjam M, Bourgault Villada I, Blondel JH, Roume J, Lesniak J, Coudert F, Charron P, Palmyre A, Blivet S, Chinet T, Eyries M, Fagnou C, Lesur G, Ozanne A, Karam C, Nicod-Tran A, Soubrier F, Beauchet A, Lacombe P


10:50am – 11:05am

Improved life expectancy when screened for pulmonary arteriovenous malformations preemptively

Hosman AE, de Gussem EM, Snijder R, Mager JJ


11:05am – 11:20am

Hereditary haemorrhagic telangiectasia and the 100,000 genomes project

Shovlin CL, Nur F, Morgan St Prix S, Redhead J, Alton EA, Bernabeu-Herrero ME, Fowler T, Caulfield M, Thomas E, Boardman-Pretty F, McDonagh E, Devereau A, Scott R on behalf of Genomics England and the Respiratory GeCIP HHT Subdomain


11:20am – 11:35am

Increased infection rates in HHT patients – results of an online survey

Geisthoff U, Droege F, Koenig J, Lang K, Thangavelu K, Lang S


11:35am – 11:50am

Hepatic involvement and atrial fibrillation in geriatric patients

Suppressa P, Valerio R, Lenato GM, Buonamico P, Lastella P, Loparco F, Scardapane A, Stabile Ianora AA, Sabbà C


11:50am – 12:05pm

To dive or not to dive: can we revise our recommended avoidance of scuba diving on patients with microscopic or treated PAVMS?

Lee KA, Conrad MB, Dickey MA, Ko, NU, Hetts SW